The TeenSpiration story starts way back, it was birthed out of my experiences as an 18 year old TV Presenter.

Working with the youth is my calling! It is because of this that TeenSpiration was founded. My work with brand TeenSpiration has afforded me opportunities to work with various corporate South African youth leadership programmes, both during my full-time employment days and now as an entrepreneur. I naturally gravitate towards youth empowerment, and it all makes so much sense when I look back. I started off my broadcasting career at 18 years old, hosting a major Youth Edutainment programme. This opportunity ignited the desire I have to inspire, motivate and teach teenagers about authenticity, confidence in the areas of personal development and career guidance. 


Through her booklet entitled “Be Authentic | Be Bold | Be You”, Nomalanga has become a recognised voice of hope and inspiration, equipping young people to rise into a fulfilling future through their faith and authenticity. She believes every youth can be a world changer and history maker, simply by cultivating their gifts and talents.

The Voice Within is a Social Enterprise, that exists to inspire, empower and encourage individuals – especially our young people to do the following:

  1. Find Their Voice Within #Passion
  2. Align that Passion to achieve #Purpose
  3. To Act, to be Intentional and bring these to life #Execution
  4. To be Leaders who can and have the ability to Step Up, Speak Up and desire to change things in their communities (world) – Desire, Design, Deliver – Be the Difference

We have many social challenges and ills that need to be addressed and solved – and now is the time to encourage our young people to own and unapologetically tell their stories. A nugget of one’s story can propel another to live out their Purpose and Destiny.

Each person has gifts, talents, expertise – how can The Voice Within assist you answer these questions:

  • What do you have in your hand (Passion) that can be monetised whilst solving the pressing societal challenge and issues?
  • How do you achieve your divine purpose?
  • How do you execute your dreams?

In this digital era – we no longer have physical boundaries to contend with – our young people understand the power of global communities, through online platforms that allow us to collaborate with anyone in the world.

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"I am all about inspiring and liberating the youth and teaching them how to powerfully take up space and create magic in their world."

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